Outgrow Consulting set off on its journey of “Value Consulting” almost three years back. Amongst our myriad achievements over the interregnum, the one that stands apart from others has been the wide acceptance by our customers for our servicing model. Getting the servicing model right is a never-ending endeavor for any spirited value consultant. In the new-age world where “change” is the new constant, the focus on smarter solutions has come to become ever-pervasive. Our servicing model has been ever-evolving to serve the changing needs of customers’ businesses, further abetted by our own experiences as we matured “on-the-go”.

Three years into consulting business and today we feel confident of our ability to make an impact like never before. Very clearly, the model includes services that are tangible and easily comprehendible, for sake of better acceptance.

1. Financial discipline through monthly performance review with help of key ratios and trends analysis, clearly identifying areas needing urgent attention to avoid undesirable drain of finances

2. Raise top-line through the right pricing strategy and aggressive business development through social media & digital marketing

3. Reduce costs by identifying slack in the system that sucks and also some money along with it

4. Cash-flow management to ensure optimum funds availability and usage

5. “Business Horizon Workshop” to define the business plan that becomes the key driver for everything else, whether it be the financial plan, cash flows, hiring, sales & marketing, procurement, IT, support services, future strategy etc

6. Projects management of new initiatives driven with “projects-like” focus entailing strict deadlines and clear responsibilities & ownership with mile-stone based approach

7. ERP/ SAP implementation solutions to best serve the unique needs of the customer

8. Process reviews to identify and effectively do away with wasteful & duplicate activities to make smarter processes

9. Defining the organization structure. based on current scale of business and future growth projections

10. Designing of KRAs for staff and a mechanism for their performance management

11. Defining of HR policies suitable to nature of business and also its size & scale

12. Providing hiring services to meet the need for resources at all levels

13. Strong governance & review mechanism through monthly review meetings with key departments

14. Designing of Management Information to serve the information needs of the senior management

The model has benefitted our various customers. Their reference of us to other entrepreneurs is a testimony to it. Start-up companies have been the ones to benefit most.

Rakesh Dayani