Start-up companies form the backbone of innovation & change that any progressive economy ought to embrace for unleashing its next phase of growth. Over the last 3 years, India has witnessed unprecedented development in fields of technological & digital innovation, allowing us smarter ways of living. The tsunami of change is set to engulf ever larger spheres. Triggered by the relentless endeavour of young entrepreneurs at providing smarter solutions for day-to-day personal and corporate needs, the next 5 years are set to be the most defining period in India history of technological advancements. Most start-ups are led by young entrepreneurs who are driven to working at break-neck speed. Their mantra for success lies in being the earliest one to market “The Innovative Solution”, after enduring the meticulously long drawn process of designing & testing. The interregnum from conceptualisation to commercial execution has to be hypersonic, given the premise that “speed to market” over-arches uniqueness of the solution. Once executed, the offered solution ineluctably faces the litmus test of market acceptability that is preliminary to company’s growth. Each phase poses a unique set of challenges requiring pedantic attention to detail and intransigent commitment to succeed. As the up-start company gets going, it becomes imperative that the underlying operating processes & procedures get designed and firmly established into its DNA, to lend robust support for growth.

The firm may have dire need for (i) identifying key business performance indicators (ii) standard operating procedures (iii) organisation hierarchy (iv) recruitment of talent (v) training of employees (vi) financial planning & control (vii) project management (viii) cash flow management (ix) employee performance management (x) legal & compliance (xi) management information, and (xii) digital marketing.

While the top leadership shall maintain unperturbed focus on driving market presence & leadership, the afore-mentioned areas shall operate at most optimum levels concurrently. At Outgrow Consulting, we understand the minutest needs of upstarts and growing organisations. Founded in 2013, it was conceptualised specifically with Indian SMEs in mind and their looming desire for efficient operations & processes. Led by industry veterans and supported by carefully handpicked professionals, Outgrow Consulting specialises in providing value consulting solutions. At Outgrow, we strongly believe in the power of most optimum use of each one’s Time, Energy & Mind Space (TEMS). Based on this paradigm, we intently focus to free up that precious space for senior leadership of client organisations, to allow their focus entirely on growth of business, leaving to our care the unfailing governance & oversight of other aspects of the organisation. We specialise in:

1. Processes designing & re-engineering
2. Project management
3. Financial management
– P&L and Balance Sheet
– Cash flow
– Finance health dashboards
4. Management information
5. Human resource services
– Performance measurement & management
– Hiring & recruitments

Over the last 3 years, our clients have immensely benefited from our service offerings and are willing to stand testimony of our capabilities.

Rakesh Dayani