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Are your employees working unitedly towards achievement of common goals?

Does the picture above reflect the typical state of your business? Are your people pulling your business into different directions, and hence leading it nowhere? 
If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, it’s important & urgent to get your people to work unitedly towards achieving a set of common goals. 
Each of your employees should be able to answer 3 simple questions?
  1. Why is their work important for them?
  2. What are they expected to contribute towards achievement of company’s goals?
  3. How will they meet those expectations?
With committed support of Outgrow’s “Human Resources Experts”, you can maximise the output of your employees through some simple & logical steps. 
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Is “Your Cause” of being in this Business clearly defined?

Well-meaning organisations commit themselves to a "definitive cause" as a part of having an infallible strategy.

Let me share a few examples with you.

  1. “St Mary’s University, London” is committed towards providing its students with a transformational education experience. We want our students to be highly skilled, informed and civically engaged.
  2. At “Apple” we are committed towards letting our customers know “why we do business” and not “what we do”. Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. And, we do that by making our products beautifully designed and simple to use. 
  3. At “Summer Friday” our motto is “Stay Fun & Fearless”. If we aren’t enjoying our job, if we aren’t pushing the boundaries and trying new things, how do we expect anyone else to want to engage with the work we create? 

Having a definitive cause for the organisation helps to:

  • Get the right job done from the employees
  • Align with the larger corporate strategy
  • Balance short-term metrics with long term corporate objectives

Outgrow’s “Organisation Strategy Experts” support organisations in building a strategy that’s based upon a genuine cause. 

You can easily reach out to one of them for a “free consulting session” of up to 15 minutes. 

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Are your employees performing close to their potential?

Because of 1 primary differentiator, Apple enjoys more than 40% higher workforce productivity compared with the industry average.

And that differentiator is “The Continuous Performance Management System” or CPMS.

This system works on a real-time basis rather than retrospectively.

CPMS benefits Apple in various ways.

  1. It empowers people to achieve their full potential.
  2. It allows managers and employees to exchange feedback regularly to achieve near-term business objectives.
  3. It has improved the quality of employees’ feedback because it gets captured promptly as & when it is noticed, thus ensuring that it is correct and not forgotten.
  4. It has dramatically reduced the time & cost of hiring fresh talent, and their further induction, training and learning & development

If you wish to explore how your organization can benefit from the CPMS, please click on the tab below to book a “free consulting session” of up to 15 minutes with Outgrow’s “Performance Management Expert”.  

Is your Business supported by an efficient Organisation?

Vihaan was young and a tech freak of the highest order. In the summer of 2017, he hosted the launch party for his new-age tech product, believing it to be a true market disruptor.

Sweat Powered Smartwatches

The product found almost instant recognition with its potential customers. Investors were more than willing to fund the project as they believed in its value proposition, future scalability, and most importantly its financial prospects. Things looked truly amazing.

The business took off better than Vihaan’s own expectations. Over the years, he built far-reaching e-commerce presence for the product. His marketing spends were bigger than that of the competition. The brand gained visibility with the target customer segment, especially young fitness freaks. The top-line had begun to look handsome.

It had started to look like Vihaan had a great sense for entrepreneurship and nothing could throw a spanner in the works.

However, there was something amiss that was going unnoticed. While Vihaan was proving himself to be a great entrepreneur, he did not focus enough on another critical aspect.

“Creating an efficient organization around the business”

An organization that was dedicated to achieving the objectives of  the business. An organization that had its financial & operational goals clearly laid out in the front. An organization that worked towards a plan. An organization with strong internal controls to almost negate the possibility of frauds and errors of omission or commission. An organization with highest levels of financial discipline and accounting rigour. An organization that generated detailed, complete, accurate and timely data that could be fully relied upon for critical decision-making. An organization that constantly scouted for talent that the business could benefit from. An organization with duties & responsibilities clearly segregated between departments and the incumbent teams.  

By the summer of 2021, the abundance of money had thinned itself into being scarce. There were genuine cashflow issues in the business. Vendor pay-outs were constantly getting delayed. There was perpetual bickering between team members, for no one seemed to take responsibility for failed tasks. Taking accountability was alien. The financials were getting into deep-red. Corporate governance was frail and decision-making was erratic. Investors had started to lose faith.

Vihaan’s entrepreneurial spirit had not been able to make up for mismanagement of the organization. He faced repercussions that were distasteful.

Your business has the option of not being like Vihaan’s.

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Does your Business suffer from any undesired disorder?

T​he word "ENTROPY" has an interesting meaning

Entropy” means “the measure of disorder present within the system“.​

E​very business​ suffers from “Entropy”. That’s given. Just that, it’s expanse & penetration may vary from one business to the other. If left unnoticed, “Entropy” has a natural tendency to exacerbate with time in geometric progressions. It acts like a creeper and spreads itself in all directions to fully engulf the very system that it resides within. Finally, its impact starts to become visible only when the gap between the organization’s performance and its absolute potential has become too large to ignore.

Here are 5 glaring signs of entropy being present within a business. 

  1. The working capital has steadily​ ​risen ​in ​disproportion​, ​compared with the revenue
  2. The actual revenue realization is consistently far below the absolute revenue potential of the business 
  3. The business is having to borrow money from outside to fund its routine operations
  4. Between the departments, it takes longer than expected to get things done
  5. Fulfilment of customer orders gets invariably delayed

Entropy is dangerous for any business. Hence, it’s mandatory for businesses to identify it, measure it precisely and deal with effectively & timely before it turns into a goblin and begins to invisibly gnaw upon the business from inside.

Outgrow’s “Management Consultants” help businesses achieve their near-full potential through simple yet effective methods.

You can easily reach out to one of them for a “Free Consulting Session” of up to 15 minutes. 

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Was your ERP implementation successful?

Did you know this?

Just about 20% of all ERP implementations end up being successful

Remaining 80% end up being calamities.

Choosing an ERP for any business is invariably the most mind-numbing task. Given the finer nuances of the business and its peculiar needs, it’s almost impossible to be 100% sure about choosing one ERP over countless options available.

Most organisations implement an ERP with the wishful belief that it will bring about phenomenal benefits. However, that doesn’t always turn out to be true.

Failed ERP implementations are more commonplace than you’d like to believe.

Here are 5 factors that go into the successful implementation of an ERP.

  1. Choosing an ERP that is most definitely capable of addressing the dynamic & unique needs of the business
  2. Putting the responsibility for ERP implementation into capable & proven hands
  3. Onboarding ERP consultants who will work tirelessly to build a fair understanding about why & how a particular ERP best meets the needs of the business
  4. Making customisations to the ERP selectively & cautiously without violating the core ethos of strong corporate governance and internal controls
  5. Managing the change successfully and training the staff adequately to use the ERP to its full potential with maximum efficiency

Any ERP is just as good as the quality of its implementation and habits of the people using it

Choose your ERP and “ERP Consultants” carefully.

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Are your leaders like Suleiman?

In the summer of 1868, a group of tradesmen were on their journey through the “An Nafud” desert located in the “Arabian Peninsula”. The desert terrain was hostile and was noted for its sudden high-winds and sandstorms. The blazing sun in Nafud heats up the fine sand to such an extent that it becomes impossible to tread on it. Not even the camels can do it. It would take them 3 nights to get to the other side.

Suleiman, the leader of the tradesmen had a formidable challenge to deal with. After sizing up the challenge he reached the conclusion that it was most appropriate to travel only through the nights when the sand was cool enough. The days would be spent catching up some rest. He hired a local guide who knew the terrain well enough to guide the troupe through the thick cover of darkness in the nights.

This decision turned out to be the master stroke. Under the instructions of the guide, the group of tradesmen was able to traverse 3/4th of the distance within a space of 2 nights. It was now a matter of just one more night. However, fate had other plans. Through the 3rd night, the guide was knocked out by an overdose of toddy and he lost his sense of direction. The result. The convoy digressed from its path and ended up far away from the defined trajectory. The bitter realisation dawned only when the sun came up the next morning. The tradesmen collectively blamed Suleiman for having hired an eccentric guide.

Soon enough, another challenge raised its ugly head. Potable water began to run out of stock and there was yet another day and another night to endure. The tradesmen again conveniently pointed the blame at Suleiman for not carrying spare stocks in anticipation of a calamity.

Suleiman’s spirit was unflinching. He had dealt with enough challenges in the past to maintain an unwavering focus. He knew he had a tough task at his hands. He was the one responsible for taking care of his men’s life & wellbeing. He realised that the situation was grave and he must keep courage. While he was exploring his options, he spotted a bunch of grass. And that brought a smile on his face. He called his fellow tradesmen and together they went about digging that patch of land hoping to find water underneath. In no time, they hit a large rock and began to lose hope. As always, they blamed Suleiman for having wasted their time & energy.

Suleiman was not the one to flinch under adversity. With teeming equanimity, he put his ear to the rock’s surface and smiled with effervescence. He called over the strongest man from his tribe and commanded “pull all your strength together and deliver the hardest blow that you can”. The strong man lifted the hammer and hit the rock as hard as he could. In one swift stroke, the rock tore apart and a water-stream gushed out from it. All the tradesmen felt overjoyed and lifted Suleiman on their shoulders.

Do the leaders in your organisation demonstrate behaviour similar to that of Suleiman?

For the development of your leaders, reach out Outgrow’s “Leadership Experts”.

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Are you facing "GIGO Issues"?

I’m sure you have heard of the terms FIFO (First In First Out) and LIFO (Last In First Out). These are commonly used acronyms in any typical business environment.

Have you also heard of the term GIGO? Coincidently, more than 80% of Indian companies are inflicted by it.

GIGO simply means Garbage In Garbage Out. The word “Garbage” here metaphorically refers to DATA. Put simply, the quality of data inputted into a system predominantly defines the quality of output coming from it.

Let’s accept it. Management teams or board members feel jittery if they do not completely trust the quality of data that they must depend upon for critical decision-making.

So, here’s the thing with high-quality data. For data to be reliable & useful, it has to tick 4 check-boxes.

1.     It is “Accurate

2.     It is “Complete

3.     It is “Presented Timely

4.     It is “Detailed Enough

Even if one of the boxes does not get the mandatory tick, the data renders itself worthless for any degree of reliance.

You may hire the best accountant and also implement the most advanced ERP. However, it may all go a waste if you don’t focus enough on generating data that can be trusted upon 100%. And that certainly won’t happen by default. It requires a concerted effort.

If your organisation is also unfortunately suffering from GIGO, you have professional support available just a click away.

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Is your company’s CEO really on track?

Outgrow Consulting recently conducted a survey, reaching out to CEOs of various organisations, trying to ascertain if they are able spend their time and focus their energy predominantly on things that really matter.

The findings of the survey revealed a few interesting facts that I must share with you.

More than 80% of CEOs end up spending their time & energy on things that would better be looked after by their team members.

As per the findings, most CEOs “DESIRE” to focus their energy upon the following.

Business Growth & Development

Product Development & Upgrades

Enhancing “Customer Experience”

Brand Building

Defining the Business Strategy, Vision & Goals

Defining the Culture of the Organisation

Developing Leaders


Securing Long-Term funding & Finances

Business & Financial Modelling

Enhancing Business Valuation


Generating Profitability in the Business

Process Building

Building Partners, Vendors etc


Hiring Talented People

Creating a “Great Place to Work”


However, what they actually end up spending most of their time & energy upon is this.

Operational Matters

Chasing up for information

Attending calls they should not be attending

Resolving conflicts

Dealing with inefficiencies

Dealing with attrition

Pacifying a dissatisfied customer

Dealing with employees’ underperformance

Fixing up legal matters

Following up with customers for payments

Finding money for immediate cashflow needs

Analysing data of dubious quality


Sincerely, that’s a huge gap between what is desired versus the actual reality.

Outgrow’s “CEO Consulting Services” are specially designed to address this precise quandary.

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What is your Cultural Imprint?

Recently I was fortunate to be on a 1-to-1 basis with the top guy of a large tech enterprise. Through our brief conversation I happened to ask him a simple question.

“What’s that one thing that you have given maximum consideration to while building your organisation through the years”?

I was impressed with the brevity and precision of his response.

I’m extra-judicious about crafting a certain culture for my organisation. Taking adequate care of the culture of my organisation remains my top-most priority every single day. For leadership roles, I only hire those whom I consider capable of promoting that culture further within the larger workforce.

Over the years, we have focused intensely upon promoting a culture imbued with constant design innovation, market competitiveness, product upgradation, and investment in latest technologies, instead of focusing merely on generating profits. Our culture is now the mainstay of the organisation and our large workforce works in unison around these core principles for collectively conducting their business affairs”.

The response left me wondering if General Motors and Nokia would still have been alive if their super bosses had borne a similar mindset for constant innovation. By the same logic, if the leadership at Satyam Computers had really willed to build a culture of strong corporate governance, transparency, and superior internal controls instead of deceit & lies for deriving personal gains, it’s future would have seen a far better fate.

So, what is your cultural imprint?

Outgrow’s “Organisation Culture Experts” shall be glad to hear from you directly about how you’re faring with promoting your organisation’s culture.

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Is your Company facing Flight of Key Talent?

Every successful business has to deal with the Risk of Talent Flight. Your business is an attractive hunting ground for your competitors to source trained & effectual talent.

To deal with this risk, successful businesses consciously deploy one dynamic to their supreme advantage. They put a clear logic to their salary structure and annual increments. And that gets perceived by their employees as a sincere gesture towards appreciation & acknowledgment of their true worth.

Deciding salaries of employees is never a straightforward equation. There are multiple factors to be considered. A few of them being:

  • Actual Performance
  • Overall Potential
  • Tenure in the organisation
  • Complexity of the role performed
  • Leadership role versus that of an individual contributor
  • Criticality of the role
  • Current salary level
  • Long-term versus short-term utility

Now, the tricky question is ”can a company really create a method to accommodate all these factors while deciding the salaries of their employees”.

The answer is “YES”.

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Are your employees genuinely HAPPY?


Here are top-5 tell-tale signs that your employees feel genuinely HAPPY in their workspace.

  1. They do not feel tempted to join a competitor even if they are offered a higher salary.
  2. They recommend the organisation to their friends and family members as a Great Place to Work.
  3. They often sign up for taking on responsibilities that are over & beyond the immediate remit of their job description.
  4. They always treat the customers with respect & dignity.
  5. They take personal interest in the growth & development of their juniors.

What is your organisation’s score on “Overall Employee Satisfaction” over a scale of 10?

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Is your Order-to-Cash Cycle Time optimum?

I take the privilege today of asking you 3 simple questions.

  1. How long is your Order-to-Cash cycle?   
    In other words, from the time of receiving a customer order, how long do you take to fulfill it and finally receive the corresponding money into your bank account?
  2. Is there a fair scope for reducing that time period because of some inherent inefficiencies prevailing that are prolonging the overall cycle time?
  3. Have you built in enough internal controls to fairly eliminate the chances of fraud & theft while the order fulfillment happens?

Order-to-Cash is certainly one of the most critical aspects of the business for the simple reason that “the amount of money your business makes is principally in direct proportion to the number of times your working capital churns itself in effectuating customer orders”.

If you feel keen to optimize your “Order-to-Cash” process, you may book a Free Consulting Session of up to 15 minutes with Outgrow Consulting’s Management Expert, by clicking the tab below.

Has your Company been broken into?

If you are smelling smoke, there is a high chance that your own house is on fire instead of your neighbor’s.

Recently, the Forensic Audit conducted by Alvarez & Marsal at BharatPe once again brought into limelight the topic that lays at the core of the corporate world.


The perpetrators of corporate frauds act in cohorts and manage to smartly conceal their acts for years on end. By the time their acts get discovered, the loss to the company’s exchequer is already humongous.

Some common mala fide actions aimed at perpetrating corporate fraud are listed below.

  1. Release of payments to non-existent suppliers or employees
  2. Some vendors invariably getting paid out of turn in preference over other vendors
  3. Managers allowing & approving inaccurate expenses of an employee with whom they have a personal relationship
  4. Account balances seeming to be incorrect most of the times
  5. Reconciliation procedures resulting in unexplainable differences
  6. Theft of confidential information, or business systems being hacked. 

At Outgrow Consulting, we help in identification of frauds, embezzlement, financial crimes, illegal activities, asset misappropriation, conflict of interest, ethical lapses, personal gains, and acts that are against the spirit of integrity.

If you are looking for Forensic Audit Services, please feel free to book at Free Consulting Session of up to 15 minutes by clicking the tab below.

Is your Company "Investor Ready"?

Remember, the last time when you visited a restaurant along with your family. Did you choose that place because

  • your favorite dish tastes awful there, and their service is pathetic?
  • they charge far beyond what they truly deserve?
  • their food leaves you with an upset stomach and you love it when that happens?
  • the ambience of the place just pisses off your loved ones and that lends you a credible reason to pick up a fight with them?

I’m sure the answer to all the above questions is simply “NO”. You went there because you felt 100% sure about having a truly delightful experience for yourself & your family in every possible way.

Quite literally, it’s the same with the investors as well. They want to tick all their boxes before they can be sure about sparing their funds for you.

One needs to build up readiness before feeling confident about facing a barrage of questions from the investors. Investors can be very probing, and some of their questions could completely stump you. Before being confident about investing in your company, they need to buy into your story, trust you as The Winner who will make it all happen, see long term potential & scalability in your idea, establish that you are better than your competitors, and ensure there are no hidden costs.

Getting Investor-Ready takes mighty preparation.

If you feel keen to become Investor-Ready, you may book a Free Consulting Session of up to 15 minutes with Outgrow Consulting’s Transaction Expert, by clicking the tab below.

Do your Board members get reliable data for review?

The meetings of the Board of Directors invariably witness the most classic conflation of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Every time the Board members get together, they have a crucial role to play. A typical action-packed Board meeting aims to achieve the following agenda.

  1. Get a fair & objective view of the financial & operational health of the organisation, including the various risks & challenges involved
  2. Appraise the performance of the top management, especially the CEO
  3. Chart out the future course for the organisation; the mission and the goals
  4. Deliberate upon matters of organisational strategy
  5. Provide necessary sanctions & approvals for smooth & effective functioning of the organisation

For the Board members to feel super confident about dispensing off their duties in the right spirit, they must have to rely upon one thing more than anything else.


The data that best serves the board members bears the following characteristics.

  1. It is complete & accurate, and gets presented before it loses its time-relevance
  2. It has been put through expert data analysts for identification of trends & patterns
  3. It gets presented to the board members in a way that allows for critical decision-making
  4. It presents both a succinct view of things and also a more detailed view in case the Board members wish to dig deeper into specific matters
  5. It allows the board members to form an independent view rather than retro-fitting a preconceived narrative through spurious & distorted presentation of facts

To know more about our professional services related to Board meetings, you can book a Free Session of 15 minutes with Outgrow Consulting, by clicking the tab below.

What is the "Risk Score" of your Business?


The 2 are Siamese Twins. Inseparable.

Every business has a set of inherent risks. The trick does not lay in striving to create a risk-free business. That’s nigh impossible.

Rather, the trick lays in (i) becoming fully aware of the nature of those risks (ii) assessing the damage they could potentially cause to the business in a worst-case scenario, and (iii) proactively mitigating them to the extent possible.

Businesses are largely exposed to 5 kinds of standard risks.

  1. Financial
  2. Operational
  3. Reputational
  4. Legal
  5. Climatic

A comprehensive exercise undertaken by Risk Assessment Experts helps delineate the worst-case scenario for a business. It could precisely tell what could go wrong and the maximum damage that could potentially be caused.

For an expert’s advice, simply click the tab below to book a Free Consulting Session of up to 15 minutes with Outgrow Consulting’s “Risk Assessment Expert”.

Are your Financial Statements Complete, True and Accurate?

If you have ever positioned yourself in front of a crooked mirror, you must have burst out laughing looking at the distorted reflection of yourself. You may have found that hilarious probably because your consciousness knew it for a fact that the mirror reflection was an absolute distortion, far away from reality. However, would you still have laughed if you had no prior awareness of your true looks and if that mirror was the only medium in this world for you to gain that awareness?

For your business, that solitary mirror is “The Financial Statements”. Your financial statements reflect the state of your business to anyone who cares to have a look. Inaccurate financial statements reflect an incorrect state of the business. It becomes an extremely risky affair when the management takes critical business decisions by reviewing false & inaccurate financial statements trusting them to be otherwise.

As the promoter of your business, you have been bestowed one basic right. A right that no one has the wherewithal to take away from you. That is, “your right to receive true & accurate financial information from your accounting team, as & when you would like”.

With your being at the helm of affairs, there is a lot to look up to you for. Your employees look up to you for receiving their monthly salaries in time. Your vendors look up to you for receiving their outstanding payments as per the terms of their contract with you. The board members and investors look up to you for receiving credible management information for reviewing the performance of the business and taking critical decisions. Your business looks up to you for funding its further growth & expansion. Regulatory authorities look up to you for timely submissions. Most importantly, your family depends upon your financial success for their own well-being.

For ensuring that your accounting team produces financial statements that provide a true, accurate & complete reflection of the business performance, you may reach out to one of our “Financial Statements Experts” by clicking the tab below.

Are your Employees Emotionally Healthy?

Next time, before you excitedly hand out the lucrative appointment letter to a recruit, take a moment to ask yourself a simple question.

What is the precise positioning of this person’s emotional compass?

Especially when you are hiring for a leadership position, it becomes all the more critical to find a certain answer to this question.

The question finds equal relevance with your existing employees as well. How much do you know about their emotional wellness? In so many years of corporate working, you must have witnessed at least one case of a start performer sinking down for no palpable reason, and then refusing to make a comeback anytime soon.

Depression is for real. And those at its receiving end would hardly know what’s causing it. Without an option, they would suffer quietly. Even if you tried to find out, they wouldn’t know what to tell you or whether to confide in you at all. They would rather cry alone than be singled out.

Fortunately, there is a scientific method to ascertain if your employees are on top of their emotional health and identify the precise pockets of stress, if there are any.

Outgrow Consulting can help you identify specific pockets of emotional stress within your system and deal with it further. You may book a complimentary session of up to 15 minutes with one of us, simply by clicking the link below.

Has your Dining Business Maximised its “Revenue Per Seat, Per Hour”?

Restaurant business is Unique.

It’s probably the toughest space to be in. It may aptly be compared with the airlines industry, as in, there are a limited number of seats that can be offered to the patrons, for a fixed number of hours through the day. The primary aim of any restaurateur could only be to maximize the “Average Revenue Per Seat, Per Hour”. Most restauranteurs struggle (or rather fail) to do that, facing a stiff challenge from cloud kitchens having mushroomed at every nook & cranny, and the latest fad being home deliveries rather than dining out.

The new-age (read post-covid) world mandates Redefining of the Strategy for sustenance & growth of the dining businesses. KYC has come to be the most dominant factor for consideration in the dining business. The smartness simply lays in deciphering the evolving trends in customer behavior & choice, which probably changes every few kilometers.

Have you been able to devise your business strategy that will add strength & life to your dining business?

If you need some expert hands at devising the “Business Strategy”, feel free to book a session with us by clicking the tab below.

As an Investor, are you gaining optimum traction with your Investees?

TRACTION.  It is the most predominant need of an Investor.

Without optimum traction, Investors are unlikely to feel confident about where the Investee may be headed. Traction minimises Investors’ risks. Investors want to grab every opportunity to know how their portfolio companies are performing and what they are capable of achieving in the medium to long run.

Is my money safe? Is it being put to the right use? Are they sticking to the plan and achieving their goals? Are they hiring the right talent? Are there any risks or challenges coming up in the business that I must know of? What’s my ROI? What do the latest financials look like? What’s the latest valuation of my portfolio? Will it ultimately turn out to be a good investment? And so on, so forth. Investors need to fetch answers for all these questions. And that requires traction with the Promoters and their key personnel.

To know more about our Investor Related Services, please book your time slot for a conversation with Outgrow Consulting, by clicking on the tab below.

As an Investor, is your "Right to Information" being honoured?

An Investor has one basic expectation from the Promoter in the post funding phase. They expect the promoter to keep them updated on a regular basis. And that’s a fair expectation. Afterall, the Investor spared their money for the Promoter’s business based upon certain promises being held out about the company’s future performance. The Investor has a definite Right to Information about the ongoing performance of the business and whether the promises held out by the Promoter are being met or not.

And that’s exactly where most Investor Promoter relations start to turn sour. Afterall, who enjoys submitting their own report card, especially when things have gone awry? Even if it gets submitted, what will assure the Investor that it reflects the true & accurate picture? The Investor has no choice but to go with whatever information gets shared with them. However, the Investor always longs for someone whom they can trust for putting the True & Accurate Information on the table for their review.

To know more about our Investor Related Services, please book your time slot for a conversation with Outgrow Consulting, by clicking on the tab below.

As an Investor, is your money hitting “The Right Spots”?

Investor’s money is precious. Very precious. The incisive investor that you are, you have always chosen your investment destinations judiciously.

Coincidentally, the 2 worlds on the either side of a Funding Round have invariably been disjointed. Standing on one side, the promoter projects the other side to a potential investor as “The Treasure Trove” waiting to receive its rightful owner. Replete with promises of a surreal future, the promoter’s pitch is invariably over the top. However, the astute investor sees through the stunt well enough to measure the true potential of the business.

In the post funding world, the investor’s experience is rather coarse. The picture projected in the erstwhile world does not truly hold up. The grass looks not as green as it was made out to be. Most promises get broken. Money spends become divergent from the stated end-use. Simple information gets difficult to come by. Data that is received seems dubious & fragmented. Self-doubt begins to creep in. “Did I make an error of judgement” rings through the mind persistently. That’s where Outgrow Consulting plays a significant role for the investors.

Outgrow acts as the investors’ extended team to protect & safeguard their interest by:

  1. Gathering the ground intelligence
  2. Measuring & reporting the actual performance of the business (both financial & operational)
  3. Sharing periodic updates containing critical information about the new or recent events
  4. Analysing data to identify the emerging trends & patterns
  5. Implanting the right internal controls to prevent any events of financial crimes, frauds, or assets misappropriation

To know more about out Investor Related Services, please book your timeslot for a conversation with us, by clicking on the tab below.

What is your Business Valuation?

I have worked very hard to build this business, but I don’t know the “Business Value“. 

 I have a big investor eager to buy a stake in my business, but I don’t know how much I should offload, and at what value should I do it.

Dear XXX,

In my “Management Consulting” practice of over 9 years, the most common request that I have received from entrepreneurs is “Can you please tell me what is the value of my business?

The simple mantra for “Business Valuation” is that “there is no mantra“. A good business is like a well-oiled machinery that effortlessly churns out a defined product. A well-oiled one that operates rather smoothly ought to seek a far higher valuation compared to a creaky one that’s forever looking for the faintest excuse to break down. 

The value of any business ideally depends upon 10 basic parameters.

  1. Recent Performance
  2. Future Potential
  3. Market Penetration/ Competitive Advantage
  4. Technical Superiority
  5. Net-Assets Base
  6. Human Resource Capabilities
  7. Brand Value
  8. Repeat Value of the Product
  9. Scalability
  10. Debt Obligations

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Is your Procure-to-Pay Process being the "Money Saver"?

I’m quite certain that you are totally on top of the “most critical aspect of your business”.

Ignoring the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process can cost any organization dearly.

It drives your Gross Margin and hence the amount of money at your disposal for meeting the business overheads.

Here’s a simple fact-checker to assess how you’re faring in this space.

  1. You have the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) defined for each “Stock Keeping Unit” (SKU) you procure.
  2. You have the Re-order Level (ROL) defined for each SKU you procure.
  3. You have the Bill of Material (BOM) specs clearly laid out for each of your final products.
  4. Your Purchase-Orders take into consideration the current inventory in stock and the Delivery Lead Time of the vendors.
  5. You have a healthy mix of vendors to choose from for sourcing critical supplies.
  6. You strive for getting the best pricing from the market without compromising on the quality.
  7. Your Payment Cycle is either equivalent to or longer than your Receipts Cycle.

CONGRATULATIONS. You are doing a great job with your P2P process if you have a ✔️against all the above statements.

If you feel keen to optimize your Procure-to-Pay process, you may book a Free Consulting Session of up to 15 minutes with Outgrow Consulting’s Management Expert, simply by clicking the tab below.

Is your business operating at “Optimum Productivity”?

Remember the last time you bought your much coveted car? In all probability, the car company delivered the completely assembled car to you, and in return you paid them the full price for it.

Or the last time when you went for customized trousers, your tailor delivered them to you full-length, and not half-length.

I’m sure in both the instances, you did not feel anything odd was happening. Simply put, you paid for what you received.

However, you may get appalled at the realization that things may not be the same with your business. For various things, while you are earnestly paying in the full, you are probably not receiving the full value in return.

Let me share 3 simple examples with you.

  1. While you are paying your employees their full salaries, they are probably not delivering to their full potential.
  2. While you paid exorbitantly for setting up a world class production unit, the processes followed on the shop floor deliver only sub-par production levels.
  3. While you are paying the electricity bills in full, a lot of it is probably getting wasted, misused or even stolen, with no equivalent benefits being returned to your business.

To sum it up, any business is all about Productivity. Simplistically, a good business is the one which performs to its complete (or near complete) potential. A business that performs consistently below its potential is regularly paying for benefits that will never be received.  

If you feel keen to optimize your productivity level, you may book a Free Consulting Session of up to 15 minutes with Outgrow Consulting’s Productivity Expert, by clicking the tab below.