Data Analytics

Surely you have heard of the terms FIFO (First In First Out) and LIFO (Last In First Out). These are commonly used acronyms in any typical business environment.
Have you also heard of the term GIGO? Coincidently, more than 80% of Indian companies are inflicted by it.
GIGO simply means Garbage In Garbage Out. The word “Garbage” here metaphorically refers to DATA. Put simply, the quality of data inputted into a system predominantly defines the quality of output coming from it.
Let’s accept it. Management teams or board members feel jittery if they do not completely trust the quality of data that they must depend upon for critical decision-making.
So, here’s the thing with high-quality data. For data to be reliable & useful, it has to tick 4 check-boxes.
Even if one of the boxes does not get the mandatory tick, the data renders itself worthless for any degree of reliance.
You may hire the best accountant and also implement the most advanced ERP. However, it may all go a waste if you don’t focus enough on generating data that can be trusted upon 100%. And that certainly won’t happen by default. It requires a concerted effort.
Outgrow helps business produce highest quality evidence backed data that can be presented to anyone with 100% confidence about its accuracy and completeness, in a way that it can be easily comprehended, along with a succinct view of things.

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