Our Services

Business Transformation

Outgrow’s “Business Transformation Services” focus upon recalibrating the following elements of the client’s business, to bring them in alignment with the company’s vision, mission, goals, and strategy.
  1. Procure to Pay cycle
  2. Order to Cash cycle
  3. Record to Reporting

Strategy Consulting

Our Approach

Outgrow’s “Strategy Experts” spend extended hours with the core teams of their clients, working assiduously towards fine-tuning their Business Strategy for each critical aspect of the business.
The elaborate exercise in Strategy Formulation is primarily conducted around the business’ unique market differentiators, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks & challenges, besides collection & interpretation of real-time data relating to the key financial & operational metrics of the business across products, customers, and geographies.

Benefits of having a Business Strategy

Thought Clarity

Future Prospecting

Customer Delight


Direction & Focus

Employee Retention


Market Expansion & Dominance

Better Economics

A smart Business Strategy builds a clear thought process for each of the following aspects of the business.

Thought Clarity

Future Prospecting

Customer Delight


Direction & Focus

Employee Retention


Market Expansion & Dominance

Better Economics

End Objective

Strategy helps find answers for some compelling questions, like, but not limited to, the ones listed below.

Operational & Financial Consulting

Planning & Goals Setting (operational & financial) will define the following.

  • WHAT needs to be done
  • HOW it will be done
  • WHO will do it
  • BY WHEN will it be done

End Results Delivered by Outgrow

Company Level Goals

Departmental Goals

Individual Goals

Resources Mobilization

Employees working towards unified purpose

Accountability & Ownership

Time Sensitivity

Merit Based Culture

The financial statements of your business are expected to reflect the state of the business to anyone who cares to have a look. Inaccurate financial statements reflect an incorrect state of the business. It becomes an extremely risky affair when the management takes critical business decisions on the basis of reviewing false & inaccurate financial statements trusting them to be otherwise.

Outgrow’s “Finance Control Services” strive to deliver the following to you.

  • Financial Statements that always provide a True & Accurate Reflection of the state of Business
  • Annual Financial Planning exercise conducted at the start of the year, and revisited every quarter
  • Monthly Closing of Books completed by Week-1 of the subsequent month
  • Clear Segregation of Duties & Responsibilities between various team members through RACI Matrix, to avoid duplication and cross-overs
  • Maker, Checker & Approver Concept introduced for validating the accuracy & completeness of data that goes into the system
  • All activities designed to be performed Within the System itself


End Results Delivered by Outgrow

Monthly Reporting of Financial Results

Production of P&L, B/S and Cashflow Statement

Financial Dashboard with detailed analysis

Board and Investors empowered with critical information

Allows Management-Reviews and Critical Decision-Making

Areas of revenue leakage and cost optimization identified

Better Cashflow Management

Superior Regulatory Compliances

Outgrow’s services strive to deliver the following to you.

  • Standardised Processes for (i) Procure to Pay (ii) Order to Cash and (iii) Record to Reporting
  • Use of an ERP with in-built processes that best serves the unique needs of the business
  • Decentralisation of authority so that no single person or a coterie of people could make personal gains at the cost of the company
  • Centralisation of authority for maintaining the master database within the ERP, including the Chart of Accounts
  • ERP users trained to use the ERP optimally


End Results Delivered by Outgrow

Shorter Transaction Lifecycle

Enhanced speed of doing business

Freeing up of Working Capital

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Superior Material Management and Production Planning

Stronger Vendor Relations

Total elimination of frauds and financial crimes

Accurate recording & reporting of transactions

A company’s management needs to:

  • Get a Fair & Objective View of what’s working well within the business and what needs improvement
  • Appraise the Performance of the business by products, customers, geographies etc.
  • Provide Sanctions & Approvals necessary for smooth & effective functioning of the organisation
  • Get aware of Latest Trends & Patterns emerging from the market
  • Form an Informed Opinion of things to make critical decisions

This means:

  • Relying upon Management Reports that are reliable and time-relevant, rather than spurious and distorted
  • Receiving a Succinct View of things alongside a more Detailed View in case they wish to dig deeper into specific matters


End Results Delivered by Outgrow

Quicker resolution of challenges

Focus only on what matters

Enhanced speed of doing business

Staying market relevant

Sharper decision-making

Elimination of Surprises

Cautious workforce

Business Audits: Internal, Risk, Forensic

Every business has a set of inherent risks. The trick does not lay in striving to create a risk-free business. That’s nigh impossible. Rather, the trick lays in (i) becoming fully aware of the nature of those risks (ii) assessing the damage they could potentially cause to the business in a worst-case scenario, and (iii) proactively mitigating them to the extent possible
Businesses are largely exposed to 5 kinds of standard risks
At Outgrow, we help in identification of loopholes within the company’s standard processes & procedures that provide a window of opportunity to those looking to commit willful acts of omission or commission, unauthorized or malicious actions for personal gains, which are directly or indirectly against the fundamental interests of the business.
We also help in identification of any perpetrated acts of fraud, embezzlement, financial crime, illegal activity, asset misappropriation, conflict of interest, ethical lapse, personal gain, and acts that either are or can be perceived against the spirit of integrity.

The scope of these audits could cover the elements listed below.





Financial Risk

Financial Crimes

Broken Processes

Operational Risk

Assets Misappropriation

Lack of independent evidence

Reputational Risk

Conflict of Interest

Maker, Checker, Approver Process

Compliance Risk

Extraneous/ Early Payments to Vendor

Data entry into ERP

Root Cause of Risks identified

Connivance/ Formation of Cohorts

Accuracy of Reporting

Failure Mode Effect Analysis

Vendor Favoritism

Master Data in ERP

Mitigation Plan

Over Invoicing from Vendor

User Access Privileges in ERP


Under Invoicing to Customer

Nature of Reconciliations


Delayed Collections from Customer

Book Closing Process

Board Related Services

The meetings of the Board of Directors invariably witness the most classic conflation of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every time the Board members get together, they have a crucial role to play. A typical action-packed Board meeting aims to achieve the following agenda.

The following factors play a crucial role for conduction successful Board Meetings:

  1. Structure of the Board Meetings: This defines the amount of value the Chair is able to derive by promoting active participation from the members and tapping into each member’s unique expertise.
  2. Engagement Model: It is important for the Chair to engage the Board Members fruitfully through the course of the meeting such that every Director’s voice is heard, opinion is sought and is duly considered.
  3. Discuss Big Ideas: Board Members like to be involved in the Big Ideas; things that really matter in the long-term scheme of things, rather than short-term operational matters.
  4. Buildup: As the next Board Meeting becomes imminent, it is important to let the members know in advance what they could expect from the meeting, and what is expected from them. It is important to freeze upon the agenda and circulate the necessary updates and reports that require members’ attention well before the day of the meeting.
  5. Intervening Period: After the meeting has been consummated, it is important for the Chair to circulate the minutes of the meeting and articulate clearly upon the specific tasks that the members have committed themselves to accomplish.
  6. Data Quality: Members hate to review data that is of doubtful authenticity. It is important that the data shared with them is true, accurate & complete.
  7. CEO’s Performance: With the help of a Performance Scorecard, the members should be able to fairly evaluate the performance of the CEO and the other members of the core management team.

Outgrow Consulting helps organizations run successful Board Meetings.

The core idea of Outgrow’s Board Related Services is to:

  1. Derive maximum value out of the Board Meetings through promotion of maximum participation from the members and tapping into each member’s unique expertise.
  2. Engage the Board Members fruitfully through the course of the meeting such that every Director’s voice is duly heard, opinion is sought and is duly considered.

Important Factor to be Considered

Frequency of the Meetings

Format of the Meetings

List of Attendees and Special Invitees

Sequencies of

Format of Capturing the Minutes

Format for Data

Outgrow’s Board Related Services include the following:

Investor Related Services

Without optimum traction, Investors are unlikely to feel confident about where the Investee may be headed. Traction minimises Investors’ risks. Investors want to grab every opportunity to know how their portfolio companies are performing and what they can achieve in the medium to long run.
Is my money safe? Is it being put to the right use? Are they sticking to the plan and achieving their goals? Are they hiring the right talent? Are there any risks or challenges coming up in the business that I must know of? What’s my ROI? What do the latest financials look like? What’s the latest valuation of my portfolio? Will it ultimately turn out to be a good investment? And so on, so forth. Investors need to fetch answers for all these questions. And that requires traction with the Promoters and their key personnel.
Coincidentally, the 2 worlds on the either side of a Funding Round have invariably been disjointed. Standing on one side, the promoter projects the other side to a potential investor as “The Treasure Trove” waiting to receive its rightful owner. Replete with promises of a surreal future, the promoter’s pitch is invariably over the top. However, the astute investor sees through the stunt well enough to measure the true potential of the business.
In the post funding world, the investor’s experience is rather coarse. The picture projected in the erstwhile world does not truly hold up. The grass looks not as green as it was made out to be. Most promises get broken. Money spends become divergent from the stated end-use. Simple information gets difficult to come by. Data that is received seems dubious & fragmented. Self-doubt begins to creep in. “Did I make an error of judgement” rings through the mind persistently.
That’s where Outgrow plays a significant role for the investors. Outgrow acts as the investors’ extended team to protect & safeguard their interest by:

Transaction Advisory Services

Outgrow’s Transaction Advisory Services include the following:

Data Analytics

Surely you have heard of the terms FIFO (First In First Out) and LIFO (Last In First Out). These are commonly used acronyms in any typical business environment.
Have you also heard of the term GIGO? Coincidently, more than 80% of Indian companies are inflicted by it.
GIGO simply means Garbage In Garbage Out. The word “Garbage” here metaphorically refers to DATA. Put simply, the quality of data inputted into a system predominantly defines the quality of output coming from it.
Let’s accept it. Management teams or board members feel jittery if they do not completely trust the quality of data that they must depend upon for critical decision-making.
So, here’s the thing with high-quality data. For data to be reliable & useful, it has to tick 4 check-boxes.
Even if one of the boxes does not get the mandatory tick, the data renders itself worthless for any degree of reliance.
You may hire the best accountant and also implement the most advanced ERP. However, it may all go a waste if you don’t focus enough on generating data that can be trusted upon 100%. And that certainly won’t happen by default. It requires a concerted effort.
Outgrow helps business produce highest quality evidence backed data that can be presented to anyone with 100% confidence about its accuracy and completeness, in a way that it can be easily comprehended, along with a succinct view of things.
End Results Delivered by Outgrow
Accurate, Complete, And High-Quality Data
Analysis of Data by a Data Expert
Zilch or minimalistic manual intervention
Key Management Reports & Presentations
Segmental Data Reporting
Reports Automation
Evidence Based Reporting