Financial & Operational Consulting

Planning & Goals Setting (operational & financial) will define the following.

  • WHAT needs to be done
  • HOW it will be done
  • WHO will do it
  • BY WHEN will it be done

End Results Delivered by Outgrow

  • Company Level Goals
  • Departmental Goals
  • Individual Goals
  • Resources Mobilization
  • Employees working towards unified purpose
  • Accountability & Ownership
  • Time Sensitivity
  • Merit Based Culture

The financial statements of your business are expected to reflect the state of the business to anyone who cares to have a look. Inaccurate financial statements reflect an incorrect state of the business. It becomes an extremely risky affair when the management takes critical business decisions on the basis of reviewing false & inaccurate financial statements trusting them to be otherwise.

Outgrow’s “Finance Control Services” strive to deliver the following to you.

  • Financial Statements that always provide a True & Accurate Reflection of the state of Business
  • Annual Financial Planning exercise conducted at the start of the year, and revisited every quarter
  • Monthly Closing of Books completed by Week-1 of the subsequent month
  • Clear Segregation of Duties & Responsibilities between various team members through RACI Matrix, to avoid duplication and cross-overs
  • Maker, Checker & Approver Concept introduced for validating the accuracy & completeness of data that goes into the system
  • All activities designed to be performed Within the System itself

End Results Delivered by Outgrow

  • Monthly Reporting of Financial Results
  • Production of P&L, B/S and Cashflow Statement
  • Financial Dashboard with detailed analysis
  • Board and Investors empowered with critical information
  • Allows Management-Reviews and Critical Decision-Making
  • Areas of revenue leakage and cost optimization identified
  • Better Cashflow Management
  • Superior Regulatory Compliances

Outgrow’s services strive to deliver the following to you.

  • Standardised Processes for (i) Procure to Pay (ii) Order to Cash and (iii) Record to Reporting
  • Use of an ERP with in-built processes that best serves the unique needs of the business
  • Decentralisation of authority so that no single person or a coterie of people could make personal gains at the cost of the company
  • Centralisation of authority for maintaining the master database within the ERP, including the Chart of Accounts
  • ERP users trained to use the ERP optimally

End Results Delivered by Outgrow

  • Shorter Transaction Lifecycle
  • Enhanced speed of doing business
  • Freeing up of Working Capital
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Superior Material Management and Production Planning
  • Stronger Vendor Relations
  • Total elimination of frauds and financial crimes
  • Accurate recording & reporting of transactions

A company’s management needs to:

  • Get a Fair & Objective View of what’s working well within the business and what needs improvement
  • Appraise the Performance of the business by products, customers, geographies etc.
  • Provide Sanctions & Approvals necessary for smooth & effective functioning of the organisation
  • Get aware of Latest Trends & Patterns emerging from the market
  • Form an Informed Opinion of things to make critical decisions

This means:

  • Relying upon Management Reports that are reliable and time-relevant, rather than spurious and distorted
  • Receiving a Succinct View of things alongside a more Detailed View in case they wish to dig deeper into specific matters

End Results Delivered by Outgrow

  • Quicker resolution of challenges
  • Focus only on what matters
  • Enhanced speed of doing business
  • Staying market relevant
  • Sharper decision-making
  • Elimination of Surprises
  • Cautious workforce