Legal & Secretarial Compliances Expert

Munesh is Outgrow’s legal & secretarial compliances expert. With our clients, he takes care of one of the most critical aspects of running a business, and that’s about being on the right side of corporate compliances. He works with our clients diligently to earn them the reputation for being a law-abiding corporate citizen. An indispensable part of his job is to make the directors of the company fully aware of their personal accountabilities and the repercussions for any non-compliance (both monetary and non-monetary). He helps with safeguarding the company’s intellectual property against plagiarism and external infringements. He educates the clients’ personnel about the latest updates to relevant corporate laws and what it means to their business. He’s a champ at effectively dealing with the legal matters emanating from a transaction (both with pre and post-closure compliances) and drafting of agreements for buy/ sell deals, share purchase/ sale, asset purchase and slump sale. He leads the due diligence exercise from the buy-side of the transaction to figure out all liabilities that the target company has a potential exposure to.

He is qualified company secretary, LLB and M.Com in Business Policy and Corporate Governance.