Business Partner, Human Resources Expert

Harleen is Outgrow’s most trusted partner for “human resources” consulting services. Our clients benefit from her specialisation in matters of designing the most effective organisation structure depending upon their current scale of business and also the future growth needs, tiering of cross-departmental employees within the organisation structure for bringing about pay-scale parity, employees’ goals setting and performance appraisal & feedback, annual awards & rewards, drafting the HR policies that would perfectly align with the desired organisation culture and work environment, employees’ engagement model to ensure high levels of motivation, designing the program for on-boarding of new employees, driving e-sat surveys periodically to identify pockets of employees’ discontentment and taking the subsequent corrective action, evaluating the hiring needs, defining the process for exiting of employees, ensuring a safe & secure workplace and various other employees-related aspects.

Harleen is an MBA in human resources and has led the HR function for large organisations that allowed her to earn an all-round perspective of what goes into causing for truly happy, motivated and productive workforce.