Key Achievements

Recent Achievements

  1. On 15th August 2020, we launched a new job portal aimed at super-accelerating the revival of the Indian economy in the post COVID-19 world. The portal offers an opportunity to employers to hire from a vast pool of talent that is willing to get on board almost instantly without having to serve out any notice period.
  2. Outgrow has collaborated with Garner Associates (UK) to conceive Garner-Outgrow for making a foray into Executive Search. The key man behind Garner Associates is Mr. Andrew Garner, a veteran head-hunter since 1985. He is the man behind various changes in the boardroom composition across Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the USA, for large organisations like HSBC and Vodafone. He was once the Chairman & CEO for “Boyden Worldwide” and was the driving force behind spreading out its presence across 40 countries.

Past Achievements

  1. End to end consulting contract bagged with a large hospitality company into the business of casual dining with 23 eat-out joints across Delhi/ NCR, Mumbai and Pune. Outgrow shall provide extensive consulting in matters of finance, HR, organization strategy and operational efficiencies.
  2. Profitability reporting capabilities built for a multinational car leasing company for its Indian fleet. The reporting tool was designed and developed by Outgrow to enable ascertaining profitability by multiple segments of car models, customers, regions etc.
    Dashboards designed and developed for the same client for their Commercial and Operations teams.
  3. Portfolio governance services initiated for an American fund with a plethora of investments across the globe in the space of “social impact”. With investments in various Indian companies across sectors of handloom, cotton cultivation, women’s ethnic wear and dairy technology, Outgrow provided governance over the Indian portfolio in matters of financial performance, control and portfolio valuation.
  4. Business valuation exercise carried out for a start-up company (specialists in designing and construction of bars for hotels, restaurants and HNIs) looking for seed capital. Outgrow further facilitated negotiations with angel investors, successfully closing the deal with securing seed capital from an industry expert.
  5. Made deeper inroads within the recruitments vertical, hiring for large companies like Nivea, L’Oréal, Diageo, Accenture, Havells, Cowi, Mazar’s and more.
  6. M&A For a listed automotive manufacturing company, led & managed the M&A activities involving:
    a. Company due diligence
    b. Business modeling & valuation
    c. Financial analysis and projections
    d. Deal structuring
    e. All legal & statutory compliance requirements f. Overall project management
  7. Research Project For a reputed after-sales-services company, looking for opportunities to mark an entry into a new business stream, undertook an extensive market research to identify potential opportunities, involving:
    a. Research into both related & unrelated businesses
    b. Shortlisting of a few potential areas of opportunity
    c. Financial modeling & future projections for the shortlisted opportunities
    d. Preparing the “business model canvas” for each of the shortlisted opportunities
    e. Engaging into discussions with client on various opportunities to finally arrive at “go/ no-go” decision
  8. Capital acquisition of ~10MM USD (both equity & debt) for multiple clients’ deals
  9. Business strategy workshops conducted & facilitated for 3 clients, to devise & freeze with senior leadership, the following:
    a. Company’s vision, mission & values
    b. Company’s strategy & goals, both short & long term
    c. Company’s success drivers and building focus around them through agreed performance benchmarks
    d. Department level goals
    e. Overall governance & control model to measure & analyse progress made against desired goals
    f. Report out risks & challenges faced and help & support required
  10. Family office meeting conducted for a “family run business” to cause:
    a. A frank, honest & open discussion amongst family members on what’s working well and what’s not
    b. To thrash out differences of opinion and unanimously reach a forward-looking strategy for further growth of business
    c. Clear classification of accountabilities & responsibilities amongst members to avoid duplication or cross-overs
    d. Constitution of a board to review company performance periodically and identify areas of concern
    e. Identification of next Managing Director from within the family, as part of succession planning
    f. Identification of talent within the organization through an extensive “talent assessment” exercise, to further groom into future leaders
  11. Hiring against 25 positions for various companies, mainly at mid & senior level management, with a hit rate of ~ 12%
  12. Internal audit conducted for an export oriented company in the handloom industry. The exercise involved extensive traveling to multiple locations where the company has physical presence, looking into the areas of:
    a. Procure to pay
    b. Order to cash
    c. Record to reporting
    d. Legal & statutory compliances
    e. Manufacturing operations and quality controls
    f. Working capital management
    g. Inventory management
  13. Process reviews undertaken for various clients to identify:
    a. Gaps in processes
    b. Areas with deficient governance & controls
    c. Extraneous/ duplicate activities
    d. Cross-over of accountability & responsibility, i.e. more employees made accountable or responsible for an activity, than required
    e. Key missing activities
    f. Areas with conflicts of interest
    g. Areas lacking an owner and hence accountability
    h. Areas of revenue leakage
    i. Areas with opportunity for cost reduction
    j. Areas where there is locked business potential
    k. Scope for re-engineering of processes and making them leaner, agile and more efficient
    l. Scope for better cash-flow management
    m. Scope for better working capital management
    n. Ways to improve data analysis and management information reporting
  14. Revival of a sick unit for a client by:
    a. Settling of all pending legal & regulatory issues
    b. Negotiating outstanding dues with regulatory authorities
    c. Paying off the “one time settlement” amount
  15. International service agreement drawn for a client within the solar energy space, after negotiating with the client’s customer the commercial terms and terms for service delivery.
  16. Business valuation models designed & developed for multiple clients across various industries
  17. ERP implementation project supported for a large corporate within the power generation space, the scope involving:
    a. Technical evaluation of the extent of ERP’s functional utilization by various departments of the organization
    b. Drawing a comparison with the company’s SOPs to decipher gaps in ERP utilization
    c. Re-designing of ERP architecture to ensure 100% compliance with company SOPs
    d. Working as projects team with various user departments of the ERP, along with the IT team, towards the overall success of the project
  18. Sales meet facilitated for a large manufacturer, bi-annually for 2 years, to ultimately cause excellent growth in revenue @ 30% CAGR
  19. Logistics & warehousing solution provided to multiple clients by working through 3PL players, to achieve:
    a. Cost saving through consolidation of warehousing into 1 large space, instead of maintaining & managing internally multiple warehouses
    b. More efficient storage & retrieval of inventory, strictly on FIFO basis
    c. Shortening of the “order to dispatch” turnaround cycle by at least 25%, causing for more efficient management of working capital
    d. Better physical security of goods in a fire-proof and pest-proof storage environment
  20. New hiring contracts bagged with companies spanning across multiple industries like security solutions, civil construction, lifestyle products, educational institute, MNC consulting firm, health care etc.
  21. Digital services provided to a large Canadian company through web-site development
  22. Debenture trustee services provided to a company with unlisted debentures