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YES NO   1. Do you have an organisation strategy that is formally laid out on paper

YES NO   2. Have you identified the key success drivers of your business

YES NO   3. Do you have fomally laid company goals for the current financial year

YES NO   4. Ae your company's goals broken down by department goals

YES NO   5. Are your department level goals broken down by individual goals

YES NO   6. Do your line mamagers conduct formal performance feedback sessions every quarter

YES NO   7. Do you have a formal organisation structure that will help achieve company's growth targets

YES NO   8. Do you have a formal induction program for new joiners into the organisation

YES NO   9. Do you put your employees through training programs based on their individual needs for growth & development

YES NO   10. Do you have clearly laid out HR policies relating to various employees' related matters

YES NO   11. Do you undertake annual planning for the upcoming year to set Sales & EBIDTA targets

YES NO   12. Have you been consistently meeting your Sales and EBIDTA targets for the last 3 years

YES NO   13. Do you close your books on monthly basis, latest by 7th working day of next month

YES NO   14. Is there a formally constitued Board that meets regularly for business review and key business decision-making

YES NO   15. Do you collect most of your outstanding debts as per the credit terms

YES NO   16. Is most of your inventory holding less than 120 days old

YES NO   17. Do you deliver most of your customers orders "on-time, in-full"

YES NO   18. Do you address all your customer complaints within the agreed turn-around time limits

YES NO   19. Have you been working conciously on scaling up brand awareness for your products/ services

YES NO   20. Do you strictly maintain alignment between the sales plan, production plan and procurement plan

YES NO   21. Do you generate enough Management Information for review of company's key performance metrics

YES NO   22. Is there a detailed listing of activities required to be carried out at each department

YES NO   23. Are there people who are clearly made responsible and accountable for each activity within each department

YES NO   24. Is there a "Delegation of Authority" matrix defining the scope of authority at various levels in the organisation

YES NO   25. Are company processes lean & efficient enough without any extraneous or duplicate activities

YES NO   26. Do you have a communication matrix that defines frequency & scope for communication with key stakeholders

YES NO   27. Do you have an escalation matrix to resolve internal issues & conflicts

YES NO   28. Do you have an independent internal audit function reporting directly into the MD

YES NO   29. Do you have any audit observations that have not been resolved for more than 6 months

YES NO   30. Do you have a strict "information security" policy to safeguard company's confidential information