Employees Speak

TANISHA ( Value Consulting )
Outgrow has provided me with a professional platform that enables me to outshine in this competitive world. The easy teaching methods of the company have made learning exciting & quick, thus causing a positive contribution to my productivity level.  The most unique feature of Outgrow is the flexibility in work timings that permits me to maintain that perfect balance between work and personal life.

AASHISH ( Value Consulting )
Outgrow has provided me the opportunity to interact directly with the customers, making me accountable for things. Outgrow has invested into my development with innovative ideas, which is helping my personal & professional advancement.

DIKSHA ( Legal & Secretarial )
I value Outgrow's amicable, professional and growth-oriented environment.

NATASHA ( Recruitments )
To me, Outgrow stands for the most conducive environment to work, grow and progress. The work environment is replete with challenges, learning, and persistence.

KANIKA ( Recruitments )
I introduce Outgrow to my family & friends as only my second home. Outgrow's unique working environment lends me transparency, room for growth, a clear common goal, motivation & challenge, flexibility and fairness.

YAMINI ( Recruitments )
I have been a part of the Outgrow Family for almost 3 years now and it has been a fantastic journey, in the sense that it has given me the independence & flexibility to manage my work the way I want to; it has given me very good opportunities in the HR domain. Outgrow has an 'employee-friendly environment' and it provides ample opportunities to work on new projects and handle them independently, which one does not get in large MNCs owing to limited scope for growth in a bigger organizational structure.

HIMIKA ( Legal & Secretarial )
Outgrow's driving force, its Directors, interact with us in the friendliest and yet a professional way, leading us towards individual growth, along with that of the organization.

RIVAZ ( Value Consulting )
Our company gives us an opportunity to take ownership of our assignments and that has helped my overall development and has elevated my confidence to next level.  I believe, our management's practical approach towards situations is the key unique feature which makes Outgrow different form other consulting firms.

MUNESH ( Legal & Secretarial )
I always say, 'I am working with an organization which has a great working culture'. At every level, unhealthy gossip is negated by an encouragement to speak directly with the concerned individuals. The leadership is clear about the organization mission and that helps me the focus my energy into the right direction. From top to bottom, Outgrow has a very strong communication network. We can walk into the Boss' office with any concern and walk out knowing well that we have been heard

Nikhil ( Market Researcher )
Outgrow has bolstered my confidence to pursue my choice of work. The work environment is friendly, honest, professional and always open to all ideas.