Outgrow Consulting


One of the largest logistics organizations in India; catering to FMCG, 2 wheelers and Express Delivery; a fleet of 600 carriersrunning through the entire length and breadth of India, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, achieving ~2000 deliveries per month. The company aspires to grow its fleet by ~50% in 2 years’ time.


While the company has grown immensely over the last 9 years and the pipeline for future growth stays strong, its ability to grow further is seriously hindered by immature processes, incapable and unprofessional leadership, inadequate controls, lack of performance parameters, lack of Management Information and lack of key positions in the overall organization structure

Outgrow Solution

After careful assessment of the client’s needs, the Outgrow team was able to deliver the following benefits to the client:

Lay out the required organization structure that would not only help support the existing business but also drive future growth of the business; identify key leadership positions to be hired and lead the hiring process through in-house talent sourcing capability.

Define performance parameters for each functional and operational head that could further be used as benchmark to define personal goals for all employees lower down the order.

Implement a governance and control mechanism that would highlight any exceptions to the standard procedure immediately through data creation and MI generation.

Financial Implications

With the above measures, Outgrow in a short span with active participation of the client has been able to deliver saves to the tune of USD 350K