HR and Recruitment Solution

At Outgrow we provide HR & learning-focused & bespoke value propositions for customers ranging from small & medium enterprises (SME), family AND OR founder managed businesses to MNC’s across various sectors & industries.

The endeavor is to proactively manage & execute on the overall people strategy & its challenges, with efficient & effective functional solutions. We enjoy & take pride in collaborating with our customers & advising them on various opportunity areas to mitigate, manage & maximize accordingly.

Establish HR & learning function

Vision, mission & values alignment

Organization design review in business context

Interventions for leaders in transition & new to role

Coaching for founders, CEO’s, C-1 of SME’s

HR MIS: people metric & analytical insights

Create functional transformational roadmap

Performance management, pay & rewards

Talent management & succession planning

Facilitate need based learning workshops

Role based coaching & feedback for all employees

HR financials analysis, awareness & discipline

Volume Based Hiring
Caters to requirements for Junior and Middle level Management positions.

Executive Hiring
Dedicated towards finding the people who write the success of the company. We specialize in fulfilling the most critical and hard to source positions of the organization like CEO/CTO/CFO/CIO/Country Heads/Vice Presidents/General Managers for almost all the Industries/Domains.

Corporate Strategy Workshops
Aligning employees to the corporate strategy helping them understand their new call to action is a critical driver of success in today's market. We conduct results-based, interactive workshops that are tailored to meet your specific needs. We change "I understand where this company is going" to "I believe in where this company is going."

Corporate Learning and Development Programs
Learning and Development (L&D) and talent management programs are often required by every organization to develop the knowledge skills and attitude in employees for effective performance at work.

Outgrow L&D programs help employees get engaged with their missions, values and visions, aligned with their strategic plans, and have the skills needed to drive performance.

Outgrow process helps your organization to create outside-the-box ways to win the hearts - as well as the minds - of employees within your organization.

Technical Trainings
Staying competitive in an ever-changing industry requires a capable and skilled workforce at the first go. This workforce needs constant up skilling and on-the-job skills development to keep performing at optimum levels. We provide various trainings in the field of Finance, IT and engineering.

Finance SAP Computer Skill Tally
IFRS Finacial Management Excel Training for Beginners Payroll
How to read balance sheet Human Capital Mangement Advance Excel Training Advance Accounting Features
Financial Statement and Valuation Modeling Enterprise Resoure Planning Microsoft Access Training Accounts Information
Fixed Asset Accounting Inventory Information
Budgeting and Budgetroy Control Voucher Entry
Financial Due-dilligence
Corporate Restructuring and Merger & Acquisitions

Campus Placements
The Campus hiring team at Outgrow is a focused group that engineers and executes solutions to address these corporate challenges. The team's mission is to enable industry-academia interaction, reach out to young minds and help them realize their career aspirations while helping the corporate world discover the finest talent graduating from academic institutions across the country.

Market Benchmarking
Being a Consulting Firm Benchmarking is one more essential value added service that we offer. The benchmarking statements allows our clients to make informed decisions based on information that otherwise would be unavailable to them.

Our Advice can help your organization with:
- Market Positioning
- Fixed Pay and Benefits
- Short and Long term Incentives
- Pay Mix

Greenfield Training
Outgrow can help companies provide their initial Greenfield Training to fresh hired employees at our sprawling campus facility in Greater Noida.

Such a practice can save companies huge sums of money in terms of the various costs accrued during the first three months of training and induction that the new hires require.

Huge cost saving in terms of salary and stipend.

The state of the art infrastructure and well equipped labs can accommodate up to 1000 people.

Residency options are also available.

Outgrow can facilitate the training and arrange for resources as well.